Training of Trainers Workshop – Vavuniya North

The inaugural session of the Training of Trainers workshop conducted by Aaruthal  in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Education, Northern Province for the Teachers of English teaching in Primary and Secondary classes, commenced at 09.00 the 7th & 8th  of May, 2017 at Zonal Education Office, Vavuniya North. The workshop was conducted for two days.

The Zonal Director of Education, Vavuniya North welcomed the professors, and the participants briefed about the procedure of the two days workshop. The workshop sessions were launched at 09.30 am with a power point presentation about Pronunciation in English  by Prof. N. Nadaraja Pillai, M.A.,Ph.D.

The following topics were dealt with in the Workshop:

  1. English pronunciation and practice.
  2. Second language Teaching Methods.
  3. Vocabulary development.
  4. Developing basic skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  5. Error correction and contractive analysis between English and Tamil