About us

Aaruthal was registered on April 5th 2006 to improve the welfare of citizens . Over the years, our work has included positive parenting workshops, environmental conservation, diploma programs for pre-school teachers, preparation and distribution of stimulation papers, and surveying the pre-school situations with UNICEF. Our work is still focused on the Northern and Eastern Provinces and our mission has expanded to address the physical, psychological, economic, environmental, and educational health of our communities

Our Vision

To maintain the community healthy mentally and physically, and capable of facing the real challenges posed by a changing world”

Our Mission

Creating awareness among the public on Child Rights & Protection from social ills, Psychosocial issues, Health, Nutrition, Importance of Education to reduce poverty & hunger and social inequality, Improving and promoting leadership quality among the youth, Promoting opportunities  for adolescents to engage in entrepreneurship, Personal growth and  development, Respect fundamental dignity and human rights, Role of women in sustainable development and community participation, Social Security, Early Childhood Development through research and training methodology. 

Main Objectives

Facilitating schooling and learning, recreational activities, cultural activities and traditions; Promoting simple and individual ways of relieving stress, trauma and providing platforms to express views and participation; Empowering the families as vital units through stable family lifePromoting parental well-being and family self-sufficiency; Building on community resilience and individual positive coping strategies; Facilitating economic development; Strengthening social networks; Organizing social groups; Strengthening community bonds among the civil society; Empowering women and youth and create awareness on social threats and enable them to voice for themselves; Empowering the preschool teachers as focal point for changes and being changing agents and Aaruthal aims at increasing and promoting non-violent ways of communication against the corporal punishment and violence. Promote discussions on equalities and respecting diversities, gender, culture and religion.

Strategic Objectives

Identify the children/students with psychological problems, learning difficulties and help them through appropriate therapies and remedial activities; Train the village leaders (men and women) and youths in the community on psychological issues, child rights, health and nutrition, social values, peace, disaster management and help them to employ suitable strategies to improve the situation; Identifying children/students, youth, adults and families affected by alcoholism, poverty, domestic violence, and other social issues and helping them to alleviate their suffering by employing suitable means; Identifying children/students, youths and adults who are physically and sexually abused; Carrying out researches on the pressing psychological, social issues of the community, children’s/students’ learning difficulties and other problems and employing suitable strategies to improve the situation; Building up a network among regional, national and international organizations, individuals and liaising with them to share our needs and experiences and to obtain assistance in order to provide efficient services to the needy persons, children/students, youths and community; Organizing social groups in the community, strengthening the civic and social fabric and promotion good governance and human security with due consideration to cultural sensitivity, social inclusion, community ownership and gender balance; Helping individuals and families in livelihood development; Conducting researches and training programmes; Training the preschool teachers, curriculum designing, conducting diploma in preschool education, producing teaching and learning materials and helping the ones who run preschools and service providers with appropriate plans and training; The preschool teachers will be encouraged to supplement their teaching with practical activities which will make learning a pleasant experience; Publishing books, magazines and articles to develop a knowledge based society.  


Aaruthal is a professionally managed and results driven non-governmental organization. In the advancement of our work, we:

    • Conduct formal surveys among communities
    • Utilize research methodology to guide our work.
    • Implement both self-funded and donor-funded projects
    • Consistently monitor and evaluate our work
    • Conduct impact assessments
    • Host capacity building training programs
    • Equip communities with Early Childhood Care and Development tools