Training of Trainers Workshop – Preschool Teachers, Valikamam Zone

The workshop for the preschool teachers of Valikamam Zone  conducted by Aaruthal  in collaboration with the ECCD –Unit of the Provincial Ministry of Education, Northern Province commenced at 09.00 am at Pradesha Saba, Manipay on 10th and 11th of May, 2017.

The Chief Executive officer of Aaruthal, the Director –ECCD, Ministry of Education, Northern Province, Assistant Director of Education, ECCD  Valikamam Zone and the two professors from India  Prof. Sam Mohan Lal, Ph.D.  and  Dr. N. Nadaraja Pillai, M.A.,Ph.D., and the teachers participated  at the inaugural session.  Traditional oil lamp was lit up to mark the commencement of the session.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aaruthal welcomed the professors and stated that this workshop would bring a change among the students  to achieve the motto of Aaruthal “Vadalikal Vanuyarum.”

The Director-ECCD in her introductory speech stated that this workshop would help the teachers to empower their professional skills. She also stated that the teachers of Valikamam zone are very fortunate to participate in the workshop conducted by professors.

Session Contents:

  • Child Psychology
  • Assessment Chart for  Students and Teachers
  • How to approach the parents
  • How to handle the students and the parents
  • Teaching English vocabulary
  • Teaching songs & Poems

Forty teachers participated in the workshop and benefitted.