Aaruthal Publications – 2018

Stimulation Papers and Activity books A committee was formed to evaluate the Activity books and the stimulation papers that have been published by various Organizations for students and the preschool children in Sri Lanka. The Committee : Dr.Rasanayagam Mr.Sathiyan Prof.Sivalingarajah Prof.Satgunarajah Dr.Kannathasan Prof.Pathmanathan Prof.Kapilan Mrs.Kugathasan Prof.Pushparatnam Prof.Krishnarajah Mr.Kajendran, Project Officer, Aaruthal  is responsible for the evaluation and to prepare the […]

Magazines: Each magazine was published twice in 2017

Vadalikal The aim of publishing this magazine is to encourage the preschool children to publish their creations, stories and poems in the magazine. The teachers also develop their creation by writing articles suitable for the children. Aaruthal: It is mainly for the preschool teachers to publish their creation in the magazine. It helps them to engage themselves in writing articles, […]

Special Projects – 2017

Initiation of Comprehensive Child Supportive program A project is initiated intervening in marginalized villages through a 3 three years program Through the program it is aimed to create an environment suitable for independent and healthy learning activities. Also, increase the learning skills development of the children to 80% Enabling the villagers to identify the challenges related in creating such an […]

Small Grant Facility Project – 2017

Greenery of bare land and income generation for the selected community members in the coastal area of Delft East and Manalkadu of Jaffna District, an year long project funded by IUCN and implemented by Aaruthal was finished in February 2017.   Division Type of Assistance Number of families 01 Delft Coconut cultivation 30 families 02 Manatkadu Fish vendors 23 families […]

Education Development – 2017

Coaching classes Coaching classes for G.C.E A/L Students – 2017 The coaching classes were conducted on 19th & 20th of April, 2017. It was conducted at Bt./ Thambilivil Maha Vidyalayam, Thambilivil. The resource persons:  Thondamanaru Field Work Centre  Mr.Ulaganathan  Lecturers for the workshop: Mr.R.Kuganathan, Miss. Kala Namasivayam, Mr.M.A.Rubanathan, & Mr.S.V.Mahendran and Teachers of Science stream and Mathematics stream graced the […]

Early Childhood Care & Development – 2017

Diploma in Preschool Education          After the establishment of Early Childhood Care & Development Unit in the Ministry of Education, North East Province in 1997 there was a need for strengthening the Preschools in the Province. Thus Aaruthal is to strengthen the capacity of preschool teachers in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.  In this regard, Aaruthal came forward to conduct the […]

Distribution of Education Stimulation papers -2017

First Term -2017 The Self Learning Guide that has been distributed by Aaruthal in Tamil, Mathematics, Science, English and History for Grades 6 to 11 and Tamil, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and English for grades 3, 4 & 5 were distributed to schools. S.No. Provinces Number of schools Number of  Students   1 Northern Province 540 51,818 2 Eastern Province                         301 […]

Activity Books – 2017

To provide appropriate teaching and learning matters to the teachers and children and to develop concept of language and Mathematics and not to teach the language and Mathematics Aaruthal print and distribute the activities to the preschool children, and teachers. In 2017 also the activity books were printed and issued. Number of Activity Books Printed in 2017. Names of Activity […]