Distribution of Education Stimulation papers -2017

First Term -2017

The Self Learning Guide that has been distributed by Aaruthal in Tamil, Mathematics, Science, English and History for Grades 6 to 11 and Tamil, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and English for grades 3, 4 & 5 were distributed to schools.

S.No.ProvincesNumber of schoolsNumber of  Students  
1Northern Province54051,818
2Eastern Province                         30142,534
3Central  Province50  3,150
4Western Province02  1,139
5Others06  2,327
 Total number of  Beneficiaries899 100,968

2nd Term  2017

S.No.Provinces  Number of schoolsTotal Number of Students
1Northern Province52751,095
2Eastern Province31041,708
3Central  Province50  4,348
4Western Province04  1,880
 Total number of  Beneficiaries89199,031

Third Term – 2017

S.No.Provinces  Number of schoolsTotal Number of Students
1Northern Province50350007
2Eastern Province24931379
4Western Province06  2320
 Total number of  Beneficiaries75883706

A total of 83706 Students from 758 schools were benefitted by Aaruthal Self Learning Materials- Stimulations.