Special Projects – 2017

Initiation of Comprehensive Child Supportive program

  • A project is initiated intervening in marginalized villages through a 3 three years program
  • Through the program it is aimed to create an environment suitable for independent and healthy learning activities.
  • Also, increase the learning skills development of the children to 80%
  • Enabling the villagers to identify the challenges related in creating such an environment and skilfully utilize their capability and resources to face them

Initiation of “Siruvar Natpuravu Poonga” – Uyarapulam

  • In order to bring up awareness about education and to educate each and every child in the village, Aaruthal is to intervene in the village by establishing an evening school in the village involving the children up to grade 5.
  • Nearly 60 Students are benefiting from the project and in December 2017, they had their cultural festival.

The first cultural program for Siruvar Natpuravu Poonga was held in Uyarapulam Preschool on the 13th December 2017. The evening school teachers organized the event and children performed dances and songs, recited poems, delivered speeches and acted drama. Well wishers from children club, parents and Aaruthal staff honored the event with their presence. Also the children who attended to the class regularly were rewarded with gifts