Workshop for sharing Experiences with Prof. William Jule

The workshop for sharing experiences with Prof. William Jule who carried out the High level training to the Master Counsellors in 2006. A review and update on Teaching Recovery Techniques to children affected by war and disasters was held on the 6th February, 2016 at the Conference Hall of District Secretariat chaired by the Chief Executive Officer Aaruthal Mr.Sundaram Divakalala. Prof. Daya Somasundaram, Director Shanthiham Mr.V.Murugathas, Dr.Shamil,  counsellors from Northern and Eastern provinces  and many others participated in the workshop.

Objectives of the  Workshop:  

The training was necessitated due to the counsellors working under difficult conditions for long period without refresher training and sharp increase in traumatic and distressing events in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

The training aimed at giving counsellors

  • to meet their colleagues in the profession,
  • meet and learn from international experts,
  • to discuss their real life experiences in applying skills and
  • to discuss problems encountered and to learn new skills for caring children.

Prof. expressed his sincere thanks for inviting him for discussion meeting. Prof stated about the researches carried out. Prof. William Jule was honoured for his great service to the island. Prof. was   garlanded   by Mr.Puvirajah and Mr.Kirubananthan honoured with golden shawl.

Chief Executive Officer of Aaruthal, Mr.Sundaram Divakalala  presented the memento of Aaruthal to Prof. William Jule  to mark his great and tremendous service.DSC_0197DSC_0216DSC_0225DSC_0285DSC_0244DSC_0229