Training Programme on Child Friendly Concept

The training workshop for the selected primary teachers of Mannar was conducted by Aaruthal in collaboration with the World Vision Lanka from 1st  to 5th of May, 2015   at Sangamam, Kopay. Thirty seven teachers participated and achieved their competencies.

The most important part of teaching and learning is the learning environment,

especially the ways how teachers and students interact and how such an environment helps different children learn to their best ability.

An inclusive, child-friendly learning environment is not just a place for formal learning, but also a place where children have rights to be healthy, to be loved, to be treated with respect, to be protected from violence and abuse and the right to express his or her opinion, and to be supported in education irrespective of learning needs.288309318344IMG_0574IMG_0667IMG_0731IMG_0786IMG_0955