Training Programme for Preschool teachers of Mannar on “Children Theatre”

The workshop was conducted by Aaruthal in collaboration with the World Vision Mannar on 21st, 22nd , 23rd and 24th of March, 2015. Children Theatre as an educational medium uses entertainment and joyful  to attract children’s attention and emphasizes learning through the interplay between actual and fantastic contexts. The use of  ‘Theatre in Education’  presents a novel approach to engaging young people in education on issues related to health, wellbeing and society. Evaluations have revealed that the overwhelming majority of students demonstrate enjoyment and enthusiasm through watching educational theatre, are interested and listen attentively, and can correctly identify the educational messages being exposed.

The objectives of the workshop was to  encourage young people by giving the best possible chance to broaden their skills in acting, singing, dancing and  relating stories, Encourage children to be active in class and participate, Joyful learning to students, Build up leadership qualities and to Cooperate  friendship among the students.DSC_8564 DSC_8566DSC_8579DSC_0275DSC_0276DSC_0282