Empowering G.C.E A/L students in Science Practical

Good quality practical work can engage students and  help them to develop important skills, and to understand the process of scientific investigation. A good practical task is one that achieves its aims effectively. Practical work follows the basic principle of Learning by doing. The students gets an opportunity to participate actively  in the learning process.

Science practical was deliberately chosen to emphasize the importance of educating all students to become aware of the subject matter for answering MCQ  questions and  structural questions for the  G.C.E  A/L.  The first seminar on theory was conducted on the 7th and 8th of February,2015 and the children requested to conduct practical sessions.

Considering the needs of the children of Mannar and the request made by the Zonal Director of Education, Aaruthal in collaboration with the Thondamaru Field Work Centre organized and conducted the practical sessions with the  help of resource persons who are experts in Biology, Physics and Chemistry .  The seminar was conducted on the 14th & 15th of March.

Objectives of the workshop  

  • Give awareness to the students on how to answer the practical questions
  • Become aware about practical sessions ­(To answer the structural questions )
  • Familiar with the practical to answer multiple choice questions
  • Help to collect new ideas and information
  • Clear the doubts and problems.
  • Opportunity to share their experiences with the resource persons

Resource Persons

S.No. Name of the Resource Persons Subjects         Station
01 Mr.R.Kugananthan Biology J/Mahajana College
02 Mr.A.Thayaparan Biology J/VasavilanCentral College
03 Miss. N.Kala Chemistry J/ Jaffna Hindu Ladies College
04 Mr.V.Sivalingam Physics J/Jaffna Hindu College

The teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the Mannar zone also involved in the practical demonstration to the students.

   S.No. Subjects Number of Teachers
     1 Biology            09
     2 Chemistry            08
     3 Physics             07

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