The 11th Annual General Meeting of Aaruthal


The 11th  Annual general Meeting of Aaruthal chaired by Mr.Rajan Niles of Representing S.R. Associates  Auditors was held on the 15th of December, 2018 at the Main Hall of Aaruthal Office commenced at 09.45 am. The Governing Directors, Members of Aaruthal and Representative of Management Pvt. Ltd. participated at the meeting.

Mr.Sundaram Divakalala, Chief Executive Officer, Aaruthal presented the progress of Aaruthal activities for the year 2018 and the finance progress was presented by Representative of Management Pvt. Ltd. The finance statement was agreed upon by the members.

Finally the activities of Aaruthal for the year 2019 were discussed and all were invited for lunch.