Child rights and protection programme for Preschool teachers in Northern Province

The above programme was conducted in the karachchi  DS division at umayalpuram, Each three day workshop of six session implemented by Aaruthal Sri Lanka with the funding of Department of Probation and Child Care Services, Thirty Preschool teachers selected from the karachchi DS Division participated in each workshop.

in the six session the following were discussed and analysed.

  • Strategies to create child as a good citizen.
  • Understanding the rights and protection of children.
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills about the rights and protection of the children.
  • Involving in the enhancing activities of the rights and protection.
  • Action to be taken during the breach of children rights.
  • Confirming children rights and protection through collaboration with Social members and organization.20151017_12001720151018_14481020151018_160704