Empowering G.C.E A/L students in Science Practical

Good quality practical work can engage students and  help them to develop important skills, and to understand the process of scientific investigation. A good practical task is one that achieves its aims effectively. Practical work follows the basic principle of Learning by doing. The students gets an opportunity to participate actively  in the learning process. Science practical was deliberately chosen […]

Opening Ceremony Aaruthal sub office at Kalmunai

The opening ceremony of  Aaruthal sub office at Kalmunai was held on 5th March, 2015. It was declared opened by the Provincial Director of Education, Eastern Province, Mr. M.T.A.Nizam. The function was presided over by the Chief Executive Officer, Aaruthal Mr.Sundaram Divakalala. The function commenced with the lighting of traditional oil lamp. The coordinators of stimulation Eastern Province arranged the […]

Empowering Students of G.C.E A/L – 2015, Mannar

The term student empowerment was deliberately chosen to emphasise the importance of educating all students to become aware of the syllabus, the method of answering MCQ  questions and  answering structural questions for the  G.C.E  A/L.  The goal can be achieved by encouraging students to work together, practice using their social skill, and develop their own leadership qualities. Considering the needs […]