Empowering Students of G.C.E A/L – 2015, Mannar

The term student empowerment was deliberately chosen to emphasise the importance of educating all students to become aware of the syllabus, the method of answering MCQ  questions and  answering structural questions for the  G.C.E  A/L.  The goal can be achieved by encouraging students to work together, practice using their social skill, and develop their own leadership qualities.

Considering the needs of the children in Mullaitivu , Thunukkai,  Vavuniya North & South and Mannar Zones, Aaruthal in collaboration with the Thondamaru Field Work Centre organized a seminar for the G.C.E  A/L students who are going to face the examination  in August 2015. The Field Work Centre helped to arrange the resource persons who are experts in Combined Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry to conduct the seminar and to agree to meet the expenses.DSC_1026

The seminar was conducted on 07th & 08th of February,  2015 in Mannar as per request made by the Zonal Director of Education, Mannar.

Objective of the workshop: 

  • Give awareness to the students on how to answer the questions
  • Become aware about practical sessions ­(To answer the structural questions )
  • Familiar with the multiple choice questions
  • Help to collect new ideas and information
  • Clear the doubts and problems.
  • Opportunity to share their experiences with the resource persons



  S.No Name of  The Officers Designation Organization
01 Mr.N.Ulaganathan Treasurer F.W.C
03 Mrs.Thayananthan ADE Science ZDE Office
04 Mr. Para Kajenthiran Coordinator Aaruthal


Resource Persons

S.No Name of the Resource Persons Subjects Station
01 Mr.S.V.Mahenthiran Combined Maths Rtd – A.D.E
02 Mr.A.Thayaparan Biology J/Vasavilaan Central College
03 Ms.N.Kala Chemistry J/Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College
04 Mr.K.Sivalingam Physics J/Jaffna Hindu College



DSC_0999 DSC_1004

Feedback from the students:

  • Expect another seminar from the organization
  • One subjects per day
  • Conduct a practical workshop seminar in March
  • More time for the next seminar
  • Explanations is very good
  • Conduct more seminar before the examination
  • The most liked seminar.
  • Explanation with practical demonstration
  • We want acquire more knowledge in answering MCQ, Structures and Essay questions.
  • Please conduct the practical sessions too.



The students themselves wrote in English. Appreciated     

Student -1  

  1. “ All three subjects were very well. The teachers were doing very well. We can understand the subjects easily and nicely. We kindly invite these teachers again. and again to teach us. It will help up to our final examinations.”

“ Please come again to help us. We always warmly welcome you all.”

Student -2  

  1. “ First of all the 2 days seminar was special for us. It’s very helpful for us the A/L students -2015 Maths and Bio students”

Out Put:

119 of students of G.C.E. A/L – 2015 and 86 students G.C.E. A/L – 2016  Science and Mathematics streams   from nine schools were benefitted by the seminar.

S.No. Names of Schools No. of students participated- A/L -2015 No. of students participated-A/L – 2016
Mn/St. Xavier’s Boys’ College 16 23
Mn/St. Xavier’s Girls’ College 26 13
Mn/Sithyvinayagar Hindu College 33 21
Mn/Erukkalampiddy Muslim Maha Vidyalayam 03 03
Mn/Thalaimannar Pier 07 05
Mn/Al-Azar Muslim MV 19 06
Mn/Fatima Muslim MV 09 09
Mn/St.Anne’s Muslim MV 06 06
Mn/Nanattan MMV ……. 02
Total 119 86


Closing session

Mrs.Thiageswary Thayananthan,  Assistant Director of Education ( Science ), Zonal Education Office, participated in the closing session and express her sincere thanks to Aaruthal and the resource persons who conducted the workshop successfully. The students of the schools participated expressed their gratefulness to the resource persons, Officers of Field work centre and Aaruthal for conducting the seminar which was very valuable to the students   and made their requests to conduct once more with practical sessions before the examination in August, 2015.