Uyarapulam Siruvar Natpuravu Poonga – Cultural Program 2017

Venue: Uyarapulam Preschool
Date: 13th December 2017
Time: 9:30 am to 12:00pm
Chair: Mrs. Jansy (Preschool teacher)
 Evening class teachers (Mrs. Jancy, Mrs. Jothi & Mr. Thileep
 Aaruthal Staff (Ms. Sharuka S, Ms. Imaculasia, Mrs Vansaline & Mr. Pulenthiran)
 Child club organizers ( Ms. Shayla & Ms.Tharshini )
 Uyarapulam Education development committee president: Mr. Kandaih
 Students from evening class
 Children and parents

The cultural event started at 9:30 am with lighting of the traditional lamp and prayers and followed by a welcome dance by Ms. Thamilini. Secondly Mrs. Jancy (preschool teacher co evening class teacher) delivered her welcome address. Children performed dances and songs, recited poems, delivered speeches and acted drama. All the children who attend to the evening classes in Uyarapulam preschool participated at least in one program. Uyarapulam Education development committee president offered a speech. In his speech he mentioned about the fulfilled need of evening classes for the children in Uyarapulam and thanked Aaruthal for fulfilling the need. He also requested parents to send their children to school as well as to the evening classes. Mr. Pulenthiran, in his speech he appreciated the children and the teachers for their effort to make the event a success. Mrs. Shyla thanked Aaruthal for establishing the classes for the children which is a long felt need in the village. Children who attended to the class regularly was rewarded with gifts.
Eventually Mrs. Jothi delivered her vote of thanks by thanking each and everyone who contributed to the event and the children in Uyarapulam. At last group pictures were taken.