Opening Ceremony

Aaruthal Organization is proud and pleases to inform the Public, Education Sector and the School Community about the opening of Aaruthal Main Sub Office and the Training Centre at Bharathypuram, Kilinochchi. It was declared opened by the Chief Guest Mr.Sundaram Arumainayagam, District Secretary/Government Agent, Kilinochchi on 21st July, 2016 at 03.30 pm. The Chief Executive Officer of Aaruthal Mr. Sundaram Divakalala chaired the function.

Col. W.W.Rathnapriya Bandu-Rwp Rsp, Joint Commanding Officer, Jaffna, Kilinochchi & Mullaitivu, Department of Civil Security was the Guest of Honour and Mr. G. Nageswaran, Divisional Secretary, Karachchi was the Special Guest of the function. Chief Executive Officer, Aaruthal delivered a presentation about the Aaruthal activities that have been implemented from the beginning.

The Chief Guest in his address remarked the problems and issues prevail in Kilinochchi district comparing. Many basic problems have been faced by the children. The primary education is very important and it depends on the primary teachers. Therefore it is indispensable that the primary teachers have to be professional. The knowledge of the primary teachers is lacking to guide the children appropriately. The primary teachers should be professionally qualified to persuade the needs of the children. He further stated that the dropouts of children have been increased in our district. This is because of the negligence and self-centeredness of the parents. The launch of Aaruthal Sub Office and the implementation of Aaruthal activities in Kilinochchi district give gratification for teachers and students of Kilinochchi District

The officer from CARE International also addressed at the ceremony. A large gathering of audience from the public, International Organizations, School Community and Government Officers adorned the function.

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