Coaching classes for G.C.E O/L students –Western Province

Educational achievement in the Tamil Schools of Western Province in the Remote and rural areas find difficulties in achieving the performances at G.C.E O/L to continue  their higher education at G.C.E. A/L Science and Mathematics streams.

Considering the needs of the children in these areas Aaruthal in collaboration with the Thondamaru Field Work Centre organized  and conducted empowering classes for the students who are going to face the examination in December, 2015.. Mrs. Ambikai Divakalala Forman who arranged the workshop with the Assistant Director of Education, Tamil Unit, Western Province Mr.R.Uthayakumar and willingly gave her consent to serve as resource person for English. The Field Work arranged the resource persons who are efficient in Mathematics & Science and also supplied with Materials for the subjects.

Four Tamil schools of Matugama Zone and the Ratmalana Hindu College, Colombo attended the workshop. One hundred and thirty one (131) students participated in the coaching workshop and benefitted. The four main subjects – Mathematics, Tamil Language, Science and English were demonstrated by well experienced teachers.