Chief Executive Officer’s visit to Children’s Home in Kilinochchi

Chief Executive Officer and the team visited the children’s home and discussed with the authorities and the children.

About the home:

  • Most children lost both their  parents.
  • They are psychologically affected.
  • Need love, Care  and affection
  • Need special attention in education
  • Joyful learning –games & Aesthetic activities

Psychosocial Counselling:DSCN6702

Chief Executive Officer pointed out about the children who are psychologically affected and unable to concentrate on education. Aaruthal with the help of Prof. Daya Somasundarm and Mrs. Kohila Mahendran  planned to do counseling programmes for these children. Children who are affected by stress would be treated for normalcy and integrate them for the normal education system. VIVO organization in Germany would help to get rid of the mental anguish among the children and the society.DSCN6696

The following photographs shows how Chief Executive Officer tackled with children joyfully.DSCN6701


Children are more vulnerable to many diseases and risks arising from the war, thus they tend to be affected the most. The displacement, orphan hood, hunger, interruption of their education are just some of the problems encountered during the unfavorable period.

The impact of war on children can take many forms. Children are a vulnerable population and they should never be treated like adults, as the physiology and psychology differ significantly. The displacement as a usual consequence of armed conflict, also creates many problems for children and their families, forcing them to live in unhealthy conditions of malnutrition and  overcrowding. As a result of these most children often experience distress. Many children developed highly aggressive behavior.