Certification Ceremony Of The Awareness Programme In Child Rights And Child Protection

The certification program was planned to conduct in a later stage with an interval of 6 months in order to get the feedback from the participants’ and to get an assessment of the impact of the training program.

Before in the certification process brief update of the purpose of training program and then about their feedback in terms of the experience that they experienced during the 6 months in preschool. Then the evaluation /assessment of the training program conducted in the form of writing for study and documentation. This was followed by the certification for the participants.

The certification program conducted in the following locations:

  1. Vavuniya 61 Preschool teachers on 12.3.2016
  2. Mannar 27 Preschool teachers on 12.3.2016
  3. Mullaitivu 62 Preschool teachers on 22.3.2016
  4. Jaffna 128 Preschool teachers on 12.4/ 21.7/ 19.7.2016
  5. Kilinochchi 58 Preschool teachers on 26.7.2016

Some of the impact related feedback from the Participants:

  • It is necessary to have a training program with the parents along with government staff
  • Presently parents are taking care of their children in taking to preschool and home during and after the school sessions.
  • Children are adamant that their parents has to take and bring them home to and from school.
  • Children gain confidence after the teachers and parents interaction in protection
  • Children are able to identify the abusers and knows where to provide the information about any abuse happens.
  • Children gain confidence in the protection from abuse
  • Some of the children about the age of 14 from the vulnerable families are being sent to distant town side for employment and thus right for education is breached.
  • Quite good number off drops out are being noticed and the teachers are taking necessary action to enroll back to school.
  • Teachers are now able to visit home of the children and discuss with the parents regarding the progress of their children and are in a position to advise them.
  • Quite good change in the dressing if the children noticed and they refused even talk to an unknown personnel.
  • In some instances the children are not allowing even teachers to touch their body or change in their dress.

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