Canadian Team Visit and Discussion

Date: 14th, 15th ,16th & 17th August 2017

Schools visited:

  1. Kn/ Ramanathapuram East GTMS (Kilinochchi) (14th August 2017)
  2. / Vivekanantha Vidyalayam (14th August 2017)
  3. Chencholai (14th August 2017)
  4. Mahadeva Aachchiramam (14th August 2017)
  5. Mu/ Kokkuthoduvai GTMS 15th August 2017)
  6. Blossoms preschool (16th August 2017)
  7. Nainatheevu and Kayts (17th August 2017)

Institutions visited:  District Secretariat – Mullaitivu

Purpose of the visit: To conduct a need assessment of administration, students, teachers and parents

Staff participated: Mr. P. Kajenthiran

Guests: Canadian Team

Summary of the visit:

  • As part of the visit to Northern and Eastern Province of Canadian team, the above mentioned schools were visited. The entire team spent nearly about 3 hours in each school and met principals, teachers, students and parents. During the visit, the discussions were mainly focused the development of the schools by increasing the performance of the students. Also the school dropouts and other shortcomings of materialistic resources were discussed. On the other hand, the difficulties that teachers and students face on transportation were also discussed.
  • During the meeting with District Secretary, the major issues (poverty, school dropout, alcoholism, cultural disputes and other illegal activities) in Mullaitivu district were discussed.
  • To understand the school and communities better, the Canadian team has committed to prepare a survey form including mental and physical health, administration, transportation, and other possible challenges that they identified in the community.
  • Discussed with preschool teachers about Blossoms preschool and modern teaching techniques applied in the preschool.
  • Visited Nainatheevu as an entertainment
  • Visited Kayts Base Hospital and observed the situation

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