Activity books – 2015

The activity books published by Aaruthal are well received by the preschoolers and teachers. The sale of activity books has been increased this year. The number will be increased in 2016. Aaruthal has made arrangements to publish ‘ Padu Papa–2’  and another CD on storytelling in 2016.

Learning Stimulations:

The feedback collected from learning stimulation produced received  very much appreciation from the students  and teachers not only in northern and Eastern Provinces but also from Western Province and up country.  There is great demand for the stimulation papers of Aaruthal. Aaruthal established Sub offices and  appointed coordinators  for the zones to get the requests and to distribute the stimulations. Now the sub offices are functioning at Trincomalee, Kalmunai, Vishnupuram, Kotagale and in Colombo. The Main Sub office at Kilinochchi will be declared opened  in December, 2015. Aaruthal learning stimulations were utilized by 69,729 students. Our target is 120,000 students.