Welcome to Aaruthal

ஆறுதலுக்கு வரவேற்கின்றோம்

Aaruthal is a Non Profit, Limited Liability Company and was incorporated on 5th April 2006 with the registration number GA642, has been rendering its multifaceted services across the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.
Facilitating schooling and learning, recreational activities, cultural activities and traditions; Promoting simple and individual ways of relieving stress, trauma and providing platforms to express views and participation; Empowering the families as vital units through stable family life;Promoting parental well-being and family self-sufficiency; Building on community resilience and individual positive coping strategies; Facilitating economic development; Strengthening social networks; Organizing social groups



To maintain the community healthy mentally and physicallyand capable of facing the real challenges posed by a changing world”