Psychosocial Care

  • Rendered Psychosocial assistance to tsunami and war affected children in the Northern and Eastern Province through Regional Centres.
  • Training provided high level training to the Master Counsellors on Sexual Abuse and Alcoholism in both Tamil and Sinhala media.


It is intended to carry out the following activities in the field of education:

  • Support the needy students sitting for the public examinations – GCE O/L and A/L to enhance their performance.
  • Organise special English for Effective Communication classes for students who have sat for the GCE A/L.
  • Organise classes for Communication Tamil/Sinhala Language for Sinhala/Tamil speaking persons.
  • Conduct research on the educational issues in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Empowerment of Civil Society

The civil society which encompasses communities at all strata needs awareness of their rights. In this light it is intended to organise,

  • Empowerment of students through empowering the teachers
  • Empowerment of society through Awareness Programmes on Alcoholism, Child Abuse, Self Harm etc.
  • Developing linkage between all three communities youth through cultural and aesthetic activities.


A magazine “Aaruthal” will be published which will include articles on Psychosocial issues, Current Affairs and Educational Issues.


Aaruthal will provide consultation services on Psychosocial and Educational issues.


Studies, surveys and researches on social issues will be supported.

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