Oli Vizha  Celebration

Oli Vizha Celebration



The above celebration chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Sundaram Divakalala was organized and conducted by Aaruthal on 20th December,2018. The celebration  commenced at 10.00 am with the lighting of candles. The Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Philip Ranjankumar blessed the staff and  made an address about the birth of  Jesus Christ.

Today is a cheerful day. Jesus Christ was born among us  to share  kindness, to expose happiness, forget opponent  and to bear the brotherhood.   This major good news was announced by the messenger  of the world.

The infant Lord Jesus Christ has come to the world to join all the people without the discrimination of community, religion, language and culture and to delight in  affection , happiness and calm.

Lord Jesus  Christ was born in the cow shack to give confident to the people who lost their hopes by losing everything.

The birth of  Lord Jesus Christ will give us happiness, develop love, fulfill the expectations  of the people who lost calm and suffering from sadness and anguish. Let’s all  join in the brotherhood of the world for kindness and progress.

The Chairman of the function Mr.Sundaram Divakalala in his address stated that our Organization Aaruthal celebrates all the religious festivals every year. Usually, today we celebrate the  Oli Vizha very grandly. The good pathways of Lord Jesus Christ would bless all  to lead a happy and peaceful life. He appreciated Aaruthal Staff for the devoted work  and invited all to have the mid day meal together. The Christmas gift was given to all by the Chief Guest.

The celebration came to close at 12.30 pm with vote of thanks and all joined the lunch.