Learning Stimulations – Second Term

The Learning Stimulations of Aaruthal creates a powerful learning environment for students and teachers working together that promotes successful teaching and learning.  We want our students to be engaged, challenged, and supported every day.  Empowering our students  in learning, opens many avenues  in all directions.

The Self Learning Guide that has been distributed by Aaruthal in Tamil, Mathematics, Science, English and History  for Grades 6  to 11 and Tamil, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and English for grades 3, 4 & 5 were distributed to schools for the second term, 2016.

484 schools in Northern Province, 336 Schools in Eastern Province, 100  schools  in Central Province and  03   schools in Western  province requested and obtained the stimulations. In addition to these provinces, some schools in  Beruwela, Puttalam and  Madawachchiya   also obtained the learning stimulations.

A total of 131684 – students from  928   schools were benefitted by Aaruthal Self Learning Materials- Stimulations.315316