Discussion about Preschool Diploma course

Discussion about Preschool Diploma course

Aaruthal organization, taking into consideration of the professional development of the preschool teachers, conducted the discussion based on the diploma in preschool education on 2nd March, 2019 Saturday in Batticaloa and in Trincomalee on 3rd March,2019 Sunday.

The discussion meeting was chaired by Mr.Puvirajah, Zonal coordinator, Batticaloa at Sarvothayam Main Hall, Batticaloa. The Zonal Coordinators of Ampara, Batticaloa, Kalmunai, Thirukovil and the staff of Aaruthal Organization attended the discussion meeting. 

On Sunday the 3rd March. 2019, the discussion meeting was held in Trincomalee at T/St.Francis Xavier’s Maha Vidyalayam commenced at 11.00 am. The Rotarians, Zonal coordinators of Trincomalee, Muthur and the Aaruthal staff were present at the discussion meeting. The following matters were discussed at the meeting:

Collecting the particulars of the preschool teachers who are going to follow the diploma course in 2018/2019. 

About conducting a separate examination for the Preschool teachers 2017/2018 who were unable to sit for the final examination due to less than 80% attendance.

During the discussion held in Batticaloa



During the discussion held in Trincomalee