Collecting Feedback of the Learning Stimulations from the Schools of Vadamaradchi

Aaruthal team comprises of  Consultant Mr.Sugumaran, Mr.Mathavakumaran, Coordinator   Dr.Kuganesan, Senior Programme Officer  Mr.A.Ramesh and Senior Programme Officer  Mr.S.Thirukkumaran  visited the following schools in Vadamaradchi Zone to collect the feedback from the students, teachers and the principals.

  • J/Kerudavil HTMS
  • J/Uduppiddy Girls College
  • J/Valvai Sivaguru Vidyalayam
  • J/Methodist Girls High School

It was observed that the teachers utilize the learning stimulations to assess the students competency level. The varieties of questions in learning stimulations helped the children for self learning.

The Aaruthal team discussed with students and subjects teachers to  get the feedback. The tool for the feedback was prepared for the students and teachers.

The collections of feedback was positive and gave effective results.