Our Team

Aaruthal is governed by five operational units and headed by a CEO. The five units are Administration, Accounting, Special Projects, Early Childhood Care and Development, and Education Development.

We employ 26 full time staff, some seasonal staff, consultants, subject matter experts and volunteers. Partnering with parents and communities is essential to yielding optimum results in achieving our goals.

Governing Body

Mr. Sundaram Divakalala– Chairman
Mr. Muthurajah Puvirajah– Member
Mr. Sankarapillai Kirupananthan-Member
Prof.K.Sinnathamby– Member


Prof.K.Sinnathamby, M.Phil – ECCD
Miss. U Sivagnanam, M.Ed– Secondary Education
Mr.S.Mathavakumar, B.A, BSC, M.Ed– Primary Education
Mr.S.Sukumar B.Sc, Dip in Education– Secondary Education
Mr.N.Suwaminathan, Science Trained– Primary Education
Mr.S.Mahesh, Primary Trained– Publication
Mr.P.Vigneswaran, SLEAS-1, Rtd.PDE– Secondary Education Development
Mrs. Nadarajah– Administration

Advisory Committee National

    • Prof. Daya Somasundaram- PSC

    • Mr.K.Sothimurugesu -Livelihood Development

    • Emeritus Prof. S. Chandirasegaram, Education Development

    • Prof. M. Karunanithy, Faculty of Education, University of Colombo. Research

    • Mr. M. Somasundaram, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration       (Retd.)-HRD

    • Eng. M. Jananayagam -Livelihood Development

    • Dr. T.Kalamani Senior Lecturer, Department of Education, Jaffna University-           ECCD

    • Dr. Kadampanathan, Psychiatric, Hospital Batticaloa, – PSC

    • Dr.P.Mullai, Psychiatric, Hospital Point Pedro for Parenting


    • 1. Prof. Thomas Elbert – tthomas.elbert@viso.org

    • 2. Prof. Frank Neuner – frank.neuner@uni?bielefeld.de

    • 3. Dr. Claudia Catani – claudia.catani@vivo.org

    • 4. Dr Maggie Schauer – maggie.schauer@vivo.org

    • 5. Dr. Elisabeth Schauer – elisabeth.schauer@vivo.org

    • 6. Mr. N.S. Vathsalan nsvathsalan@googlemail.com

Office Team

    Mr.S.Thirukumaran B.A – Coordinator Publication

    Miss.J.Jeyatharshi Preschool Diploma – Coordinator Pre-School


    Field Staff – ECCD

Valikamam Zone

    1. Ms. N. Niranjana

    2. Mrs. Y. Kermalaini

    3. Mrs.S. Selvaranjana

Jaffna Zone

    1. Ms. K. Akalya

    2. Ms. T. Sridevi

    3. Mrs.V. Malathy

Vadamarachchy Zone

    1. Mrs. B. Kalaivani

    2. Mrs. S. Suthajinidevi

    3. Mrs. S. Kunaluxmy

Legal Status: Registered under the Companies Act, No.17 0f 1982.
    N(A) 1493 of 5th April, 2006 reregistered under the Companies Act 7 of 2007 with
    Registration NO G A 642.

Auditors: M/s. A.I. Macan Markar & Co, Chartered Accountants, No. 12, 3rd
      Floor, Galle Face Court 1, Colombo 3

Secretaries: M/s. Management Aim (Pvt.),
      No. 12, 3rd Floor, Galle Face Court 1,Colombo -03

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