Aaruthal Team visited the Diploma Centre at Puttalam -6th September,2015.

Aaruthal ECCD unit officers Mr.S.Mathavakumaram, Consultant, Miss.J.Jeyatharshi, Senior Programme Officer and Miss.S.Loshana, Programme Officer visited the diploma centre at Mn/PuP /Ansary G.M.M. School at Puttalam on 6th September, 2015 to monitor and evaluate the diploma course. The Deputy Director of Education, Administration, Mannar  Mr.A.M.Junaid were present at the discussion meeting.

The team discussed with the teachers about the course, second semester examination, evaluation of teaching practice, the attendance of the teachers  and all the necessary documents to be submitted before the second semester examination. The examination is going to be held in September, 2015.IMG_20150906_122140IMG_20150906_122204