Aaruthal donation to the affected people by Natural Disaster

Aaruthal donated food provisions for the people affected by the natural disaster in Badulla district. The dry food provisions were collected with the  help of the preschool coordinators from their areas. The collected food provisions were categorized and packed in cardboard boxes and bags. The packets and bags were labeled with Aaruthal Loco and handed over to the officers responsible […]

Inauguration of Diploma in Preschool Education – Kilinochchi Zone -2014/2015

Inauguration of Diploma in Preschool Education Kilinochchi  funded by World Vision, Rahama & Tdhs Preschool teachers are responsible for the educational and social development of children between the ages of 3 and 5. They use a variety of instruction methods including dance, art, music, storytelling and games to instill learning in small children. Preschool teachers fulfill several roles in order […]