The Diploma in Preschool Education financially promoted by World Vision 2013/2014

The Diploma classes financially promoted by World Vision were inaugurated in six centers in  Northern Province. The teachers were selected from Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. Two hundred and seventy one  Preschool teachers started to follow the Diploma Course financially Promoted by World Vision. These teachers developed their knowledge, skills and acquire new techniques and methodologies for their career. The classes […]

Diploma in Preschool Education Financially Promoted by ‘Save the Children’

The inaugural session for the Diploma Course for the preschool teachers  financially promoted by ‘Save the Children” was held on the 5th of  April, 2014 at Mu/Mullaitivu Maha Vidyalayam.The session was organized by Aaruthal Sri Lanka  in Collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Northern Province and the Zonal Department of Education, Mullaitivu. Chief Executive Officer, Aaruthal, Mr.Sundaram Divakalala,  the Director, […]

Workshop on ‘Personality Development’ for Aaruthal Staff

Objectives of the workshop Develop the personality of Aaruthal officers to carry out Aaruthal long term activities. To empower participants to be better communicators by providing them with relevant inputs and also sharpening their skills. Methodology Used: Planned games to achieve the goals Discussion Research questions Role play Case studies Lecture Decision Making: The groups prepared their presentation and presented at […]

Empowering students of G.C.E. A/L -2014 in selected Zones in Eastern Province

16th  to 19th  April, 2014 Venue:  Bt/ Vincent Girls’ College              Bt./ Thambilivil Maha Vidyalayam The term student empowerment was deliberately chosen to emphasize the importance of educating all students to become aware of the syllabus, the method of answering questions, answering practical questions for the G.C.E.A/L. This goal can be achieved by encouraging students to work together, practice using […]

Annual General Meeting of Aaruthal -2014

The 6th Annual general Meeting of Aaruthal Sri Lanka chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Sundaram Divakalala was held on the 15th of February 2014 at the Conference Hall of Aaruthal Office commenced at 09.45 am. The members of Aaruthal Sri Lanka and the Representatives of  Management Pvt. Ltd. participated at the meeting.

Awarding Certificates to Diploma Holders 2012/2013

The certificate awarding ceremony for the Diploma holders 2012/2013 were conducted in all the zones of Northern Province. The Chief Executive Officer, Aaruthal, Mr.Sundaram Divakalala, Coordinator for Preschool Diploma Course, Prof. K.Sinnathamby and the staff of Preschool unit of Aaruthal participated at  the function. 

Education Development Preparation, Printing and Distributing Stimulation Papers Second Term, 2014

Targeted Group: Primary and Secondary students in the Northern and Eastern Provinces 7,000 – Primary Students in Northern & Eastern Provinces 7,000 – Secondary Students in Northern & Eastern Provinces Subjects:    Mathematics, Science, English, History, Environmental Studies  and First language. Beneficiaries: A total of about 34,000 primary and secondary students were benefitted and achieved the competencies for the second term in […]

Chief Executive Officer’s visit to Children’s Home in Kilinochchi

Chief Executive Officer and the team visited the children’s home and discussed with the authorities and the children. About the home: Most children lost both their  parents. They are psychologically affected. Need love, Care  and affection Need special attention in education Joyful learning –games & Aesthetic activities Psychosocial Counselling: Chief Executive Officer pointed out about the children who are psychologically […]